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Learn About Welsh Slate...

Is Welsh slate easy to maintain?

To maintain just wipe with a damp cloth. To eradicate any scratches on the surface just gently rub in a little olive/cooking oil then wipe off.

Will the slate get damaged if I use a knife on it?

Any scratches on the surface whilst cutting with a knife can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth, or rubbed in with a touch of cooking oil. After rubbing with oil be sure to dry excess away with a cloth

Will the slate get damaged if I clean it too often?

The surface of welsh slate will not flake no matter how may times you rub down the slate. Many high street stores use poor quality imported slate which may eventually flake. This will not happen with our slate.

Why are there some speckles in the slate?

Some of the slate may contain minute specks of iron pirate (fools gold). This is ingrained in the slate and cannot be removed. It is only visible if looking closely at the slate. You will not notice these specks if the slate is viewed from a distance.

Will the placemats I order be identical to the images?

No. Each mat is handcut and therefore unique. Dressed edge mats are particular affected, due to the rough finished look being detrmined by the grain of the slate. In some instances the corners have been chipped away. .

How long does it take to deliver?

Allow 5-7 working days for delivery. If for any reason that your order will take longer than 5-7 days to deliver we will contact you.

Can I return my product?

If for any reason you are not happy with you order will issue a refund once the product has returned to us undamaged.